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The Blacklist: What’s Up With Tom?

Every episode, from the very beginning, there has been some hint about Tom Keen, and him not being who he says he is. And this week, we finally get confirmation that it is indeed the case. He is some kind of secret agent/crazy guy/hitman, who knows. And wow. 

You kind of saw it coming. After all, unless Red was playing some kind of game, why would he continuously lie Lizzy? Continuously warn her? 

But then you have to wonder: why doesn’t he just tell her outright who the guy is since clearly he knows? And clearly his reason for working with the FBI (at least one of them) is to keep a close eye on her and him. It has something to do with that whole basement torture incident. 

But man, if Tom is some super secret agent, boy, is he ever good at playing the innocent doting husband, and not letting on when he’s been caught. And what was up when that guy tried to kill him? And wow, he sat face-to-face with Red, and both knew who each other was, yet played it off so perfectly. It’s baffling that there really are people like that in the world that can be so convincing.

I’m excited to see the next episode. And what Red’s ultimate goal is with this whole informant situation. Kudos to regular network TV for coming out with some good shows worth watching.

Next on my list? Resurrection. It looks pretty damn good. And hey, it features another Red! (Red Foreman? That ’70s Show? Ahh, never mind.)

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